Why Brislamic?

According to BlogPulse, the internet hosts a whopping 126,000,000 blogs. Undoubtedly, thousands are dedicated to Islamic musings which I’m sure we’ve all come across from time to time.

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s entrance into the blog-arena is an example of how such efforts can have a beneficial effect on those who are so inclined:

I am troubled by a lot of the so-called social networking: Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other social networks because I am committed to and believe in real community, not virtual community—in actually interacting with human beings in conversations. A lot of these social networks are taking people away from time spent in leisure alone or with others in social communion. In fact, studies are now showing that young people are spending more and more time in these virtual worlds and less with family and friends. I go to UC Berkeley on occasion, and I see young people everywhere with their ears plugged into increasingly smaller gadgets, listening to God-knows-what, oblivious to the people and the stunning nature around them, seemingly in another world. I would like to see more human interaction and discussions that are not limited to pixilated images on computer screens.

On the other hand, I am, in essence, submitting to the very real fact that people are deeply involved in social networking, and I suppose in some ways it is akin to the Qur’anic verse, “Resist with the same weapons with which you are being aggressed upon.” So, here I am doing what I never thought I would be doing—blogging.

The Brislamic blog aims to establish a platform whereby the Muslim community of Bristol can discuss questions such as:

What are we excelling at? What are the areas which we should strive to improve? How can we collectively change the condition of our community for the better? What are the issues that our young people face, and how can we help?

We hope that you will benefit from, and contribute to, this effort.



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