Muslims and conspiracy theories: malady or a veridicality?

Did you know that if you play Lady Gaga’s “Poker face” backwards, it actually sounds like:

 You have too much time on your hands, and should be doing something more productive, la la la poker face… oooh yeah. Chicken wings. Groovy.

Thought not.

I made up that (admittedly poor) anecdote to highlight my exasperation with many of us who seem to be obsessed with spending alot of our time exploring such inane theories when we could be spending our precious time with something beneficial.

Many of us were introduced to such theories though the advent of the popular series, The Arrivals.

My contention is that, whilst the series highlights many pertinent issues including the reality of  materialism, many view the content as an end in itself, rather than a means for us to become closer to our deen

I have seen from personal experience that  those who take the latter approach benefit immensely, whilst those who take the former (i.e. the content as an end in itself) often become disillusioned with the belief that:

 society is trying to indoctrinate us with their shaytanic doctrine! all aspects of the government and media are taghut! Everyone is against us because we have the truth and everything else is lies!

Get a grip. Kufr is rarely so black and white, as this article explains beautifully.

As Muslims we don’t have a monopoly on the truth by virtue of the fact that we are Muslim: the munafiqun also profess la ilaha illa l-lah.

I’ll conclude with a reflection on Shaykh Hamza’s commentary on Sultan al-U’lama, al-‘Izz ibn ‘Abd as-Salaam’s “Seventeen Benefits of Tribulation”:

Read history.

These are not bad times. Muslims shouldn’t be so negative.

There’s been much worse times. I mean, their are aspects that are bad about this time and certainly and one of the greatest calamities of this time is that we don’t have a lot of people of knowledge anymore and we don’t have levels of deen, but just in terms of outward dunya calamities, this period is nothing if you read history. 

It’s nothing.

The real calamities of this age are spiritual calamities, they’re not worldly calamities. So if we’re going to weep over the calamities of the age we should weeping about the loss of imaan, about the lack of religion, about the lack of spirituality.

The blessings we have are overwhelming. In sha Allah we ask Allah to put us in a state of gratitude and make us from the shakireen, and to not complain. The thing about complaining is that even complainers don’t like complainers. In sha Allah, Allah make us mature.



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