“Elevate your state”

Life is about coming together.

We are Muslims, so our human interaction should be based on elevating our states; when we come together we should be talking about things of substance, not just empty talk. Just people getting together and studying a book together, by Allah, reading a book together.

Just take a book. If you don’t know Arabic, take a book of Seerah. Five friends – get together and say “Let’s read this book and discuss the book“.

That’s all you have to do – just make some effort!

– Shaykh Hamza

In sha Allah, beginning Thursday 5 May 2011, we hope to have a group of brothers meet at Bristol Central Mosque with a view to reading from Qadi ‘Iyad’s masterpiece, ash-Shifa.

The book is widely available to buy and details the praiseworthy life, qualities and miracles of the Messenger of Allah, upon him be peace.

The month of May has been chosen as brothers who attend University should have finished exams by then. Plus, the evenings will be longer too.

Arrangements to date merely consist of a Facebook Group (please see here) to get a rough estimate of numbers. We hope to get around 4-7 brothers who would like to make this idea a reality.

Summary: Brothers Book Club

Location: Bristol Central Mosque

Date: Thursday 5 May 2011 (and every Wednesday thereafter)

Time: 19:30 (subject to change)


p.s. spread the word!

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