“The wedding night of Hamdala and Jameela”

Hamdala was the son of Abu Amir ar-Ra’ib, from the tribe of Aws. He had been arranged to be married on the night before the Muslims were due to leave for the battle of Uhud.

Hamdala comes to the Prophet, upon him be peace, and asks the Prophet’s permission for him to catch up in the morning as he “did not want to delay it [the marriage]”. The Prophet grants him permission to do so.

Hamdala, and his new bride Jameela, spend their wedding night together.

Jameela witnesses a dream in which there is an open door leading to paradise, which Hamdala walks through. Jameela comes towards the door but it closes before she gets to it.

Jameela knows that this means her husband is going to be martyred.

When they wake up, they both do the Fajr prayer having done ghusl. She holds on to Hamdala and they return to their bed a second time.

Hamdala then breaks himself away from her embrace and leaves for the battlefield in a state of janaba.

Hamdala was martyred in battle.

“All through the seerah what were getting from these people [the Sahabah] is that they are doing what they do out of muhabbah for Allah and His Messenger which is so different to the modern day practice of compelling people and forcing them to do things like pray. Any tyrant can get people to do things out of fear.”

“How do you get people to do things out of love?”



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