“A summary of recent news etc.”

~ Nigella Lawson decides to don a “burkini”on Bondi Beach, Sydney (interestingly coinciding with the French niqab ban).

~ Children are born believers in God, an academic from the University of Oxford claims.

~ Cardiff University are offering scholarships for bright students who are looking for academic research careers in Islam and British Muslims.

~ There is an initiative by Fons Vitae to publish a version of Imam al-Ghazali’s Ihya Ulum ad-Deen for children!

~ SunniPath’s Summer 2011 Course registration is now open (early discounts apply).

~ Feeling creative? Design a front cover for emel Magazine with a chance to get it published during Ramadhan.

~ Qunfuz. It means ‘hedgehog’ in Arabic, and it’s the blog of Robin Yassin-Kassab. Indespensible for updates and insights into the Middle East.

~ British Muslims for Israel is an actual website. I thought it was a spoof when I came across it. Sad times.

~ A Tesco supermarket has taken a beating in a recent fracas on Gloucester Road, Bristol.


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