“Poetry: picture perfect”

If you’ve seen her, you’ve seen the moon.
Blistering like the sun at noon.
Pulchritudinous* like a rose in June.
Traits salient like a dune.
Melodious is her tune; like that of a meadowlark.
Luminous are her eyes, where sees I such spark;
Such as could radiate the blackest dark.
O big bold beautiful brown eyes!
Such that outshine the ornaments in the skies.
If you’ve seen her, you’ve seen modesty.
Brimful of prominent qualities like honesty.
Beautified by The Bestower of beauty.
Unmatchable is the scintillation of her grin.
Were I to, of her, paint a picture any less than perfect; it would be but a sin.
Paint couldn’t suffice. Words wouldn’t be precise.
Rather she, indeed, is nigh perfection!
Such is amongst the chosen of Allah’s creation.
With such ease does she move; like the wind, with gentleness.
Wait till you see her groove; groove of nobleness.
O what a find! Apparent even to the blind.
O what a delight! What such idyllic sunlight!
A plant I am; in need of her to photosynthesize.
How she causes me to sensationalize!
A God given gift to my senses.
Her do I want at any expenses; though, she is priceless.
To have her is to have worldly success.
If you saw her, you’d swear she’s a heavenly maiden.
If Allah so willed, her beauty could cause the dead to awaken; the crooked to straighten.
If you’ve seen her, you’ve seen elegance.
Could it be a trance? Nay.

– Unknown

* Physically beautiful, comely.

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1 Response to “Poetry: picture perfect”

  1. Muslim says:

    Mash’Allah, beautiful bro!

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