An Ode by the Gnostic al-Shaghouri

The curtains of ‘between’ have been lifted, And the lights of oneness have appeared

Disclosed without any ‘where’, So see them, O Sufis! 

I am the mirror of my Beloved.

In His love, O my spirit, grow well;

From other than Him, O self, be absent

And cast aside all things vile.

Since He has been manifest in these places of vision.

Have I been bowing and prostrate,

Thanking Him and praising,

For He has encompassed me in identity.

O the wonderfulness of my encounter,

O my subsistence in my annihilation;

O the light of my empyrean,

O my life forever and ever.

The pourer has drawn near to us,

And presented us the goblet;

We have sipped and drunk our fill,

From the cups of al-Hashimi.

My friend, seize the chance to live,

How many a corpse that came to them was revived;

Never shall anyone be disappointed, never,

Who comes with a true intention.

Clear your heart for the theophany,

Open your eye from true joy;

Other than the Divine, my friend, abandon,

And be annihilated in the exalted entity.

Quaff the goblet openly,

See no disgrace in drinking;

Go mad with love, and throw off all shame,

In the most saced meanings.

Speed with might and main to the stations,

Following the way of the earliest ones;

Heed not the words of him who forbids your love,

Listening is but tribulation.

It is the all in all in origin,

Those who would prevent love have no action;

The forbidding of love is naught but,

Sent from the Bestower of Gifts.

Then shower blessings,

O You of Majesty,

Upon the Door of Connectedness;

Taha, with Companions and folk,

Long as camelteer may chant to spur his mount.

You can download the Ode by the Gnostic al-Shaghouri here.


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