SeekersCircle Bristol: al-Ghazali’s “Balanced Criterion of Action”

Join us in this rare opportunity to study Imam Ghazali’s text “The Balanced Criterion of Action” in English with Imam Afroz. The text covers Islamic ethics and principles, which we may use to determine our actions in everyday situations. A translation of the text will be provided.All classes are taught via telecast and any questions arising from the SeekersCircle will be forwarded to the teachers for answers at the next telecast session.Through this course, you will have access to a qualified teacher explaining a traditional Islamic text. You will also benefit from the blessing of gathering upon sacred knowledge, since the Prophet said “Be with the group, and beware of remaining alone, for the Devil is close to the one alone, and more distant from two. Whoever seeks the vast expanses of Paradise should hold fast to the group” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi). 

Don’t miss out on this chance to study this important text!


Where and when? 
The lessons will be viewed on Friday, at 7PM, in the Bristol College of Accountancy (30 meters/40 second walk from Shah Jalal Mosque and opposite Lick’n Chicken in Easton). The first session will be on FRIDAY, the 17th of February, but you are welcome to join any time.

The course is *completely free*. There is no cost and notes will be provided.

Who may attend?
The study circle is open to *all*. Sisters are particularly encouraged to attend.
If you don’t think you can commit to the 12 weeks, come along anyway and attend what you can.

Who are the teachers?
This course will be taught by Imam Afroz Ali (bio and introduced by Shaykh Yahya Rhodus (bio:

Contact details for more Information:
mob: 07772 534 280

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