Kharabsheh: Light Upon Light

I wrote a post recently in preparation for a short visit to Amman. This is just a short follow-up.

‘Blessed’ would perhaps be the best description of the people I came across,  my time there, and the week as a whole.

Since returning, I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to recall the last time I experienced having suhba with such a mubarak community.

From the small child sitting in the masjid who, in response to my extended arm in Salaams, immediately rose to kiss my hand, to a well-known Shaykh who teaches at a popular online academy, when informed of the fact that I was visiting for the week, asking if I needed anything and to speak to him immediately if I had any questions or needs.

From returning to shared accommodation from a short trip to the bookshop only to find containers of fresh chicken and rice delivered for the residents, to having another small child offer me his precious packet of crisps whilst walking to the Mosque.

After the Subh prayer, awrad would be recited in the Zawiya. Shoes would be stored in the footwear compartments as found in most Mosques.

Being perhaps too slow in reciting, I would often be the last to leave, only to find my shoes having been picked up from the shoe-tidy and placed beside the Zawiya door, ready for me to simply slip-on as I left.

Bearing in mind that Kharabsheh is essentially just a few blocks consisting of a Mosque, Zawiya and some small shops, I shared accommodation with brothers from all over the world (including a Dentist from New Zealand, a student at SOAS and a Doctor from London).

I hope to return soon.

As for now, “a Sufi is the son of his moment.”


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