The Silsila Poster

I recently picked up a Silsila Poster from the Ghazali Bookstore during my visit to Amman and decided to get it on my wall on my return to Bristol.

Framing was the first choice but Niche Frames on Gloucester Road showed me an alternative option called blockmounting. This is where the picture (or in this case the huge poster) is bonded onto a choice of coloured wood 12mm in depth, then covered with a matt UV sheet which acts as a second-skin to the poster preventing any blemishes etc.

We all know that the Sheikh sets the benchmark in quality in his works, be it the handwritten Naskh script in the awrad book, the calligraphy on the inside covers of Sea Without Shore, or the gold-edged pages of the limited-edition Dala’il al-Khayrat.

In the case of the Silsila Poster, I noticed that Necati Sancaktutan, who also did the beautiful ‘stops’ in the awrad book and the Dala’il, was commissioned for the ornamentation. Beautiful.

Here are the results…


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