Why brislamic?

Welcome to the brislamic blog. The title was inspired by the city of Bristol, where I reside, and the main content of the blog which is Islam.

I moved to Bristol having accepted a place at University and have since stayed on after finding work here after my studies.

Aside from work, my main interests are:

  • Traditional Islam with a focus on Sufism (I have found that much Wahhabism is expounded, whether knowingly or otherwise, in some of Bristol’s mosques).
  • Scrumptious organic flapjacks at Harvest.
  • Attending gatherings of the brethren.
  • Sharing an occasional post with you by means of this blog.
  • Veggie breakfasts at Cafe Kino.

Finally, here are links to some of my favourite sites:

1. Mas’ud Ahmed Khan’s homepage;

2. Hu Books;

3. The Traditional Path;

4. The Shadhili Tariqa;

5. Shadhili Teachings;

6. Shaykh Hamza Yusuf’s Blog;

7. Amal Press (Based in Bristol!);

8. Muslims of Norwich;

9. Ihsanica;

10. Lamppost Productions;

11. Sunna Books; and

12. Fons Vitae.



1 Response to Why brislamic?

  1. Aftab Malik says:

    I’m delivering a small sermon at this gathering, along with members of other faith traditions. If you want to come along and show support, it is taking part at Easton masjid, St. Marks road, Monday 8 August after Dhuhr (which is at 2:00 pm). Hope to see some of you there! Salam. Aftab Malik.

    Easton Jamia Mosque in Bristol is hosting an an interfaith gathering to show our support for our diverse faith and cultural community, and a time of silence to show sympathy to the people of Norway. We share their grief.
    This gathering is hosted by Easton Jamia Mosque. The details of the gathering is as per below:
    Date Monday 8th August
    Time 2.15pm following the Muslim Zuhur prayer
    Venue: Easton Jamia Mosque, St Marks Road, Bristol, BS5 6JH
    May I request you to forward this invitation to your contacts who may be interested in attending the gathering.
    It is customary for women to cover their head and dress modestly within the Mosque.
    Please use public transport, walk if living 15-20 minutes away or car share. There is no car park near the Mosque.

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